Established in 1870. Hickman Ranch

Speed, Western, Adult and Ranch Sorting Group Lessons with instructor: Jim Howell

Below we have listed our current group lesson schedules – Times not listed are either currently involved with or available blocks for private lessons – As demand dictates these schedules will change as we add or reduce classes based on student interest. Please call to get the latest information concerning lesson times and availability

What is “Ranch Sorting”?

Riding School Options

Hickman Ranch caters to riding lessons of all ages and capabilities. Our kids lessons are one hour long. There are unlimited rides within that time frame. The lessons feature comprehensive introduction to riding and a 3 mile trail ride under our pecan covered path to “cool down”. Group Price: $40pp / 1 hour. Private Price: $60pp / 1 hour or $40pp / 30 minutes.

Adult riding lessons can be scheduled in a group or private setting. A group is considered two or more riders. Group Price: $40pp / 1 hour. Private Price: $60pp / 1 hour or $40pp / 30 minutes.

Monday, Tuesday and Thursday at 6:00pm. This class covers the patterns for Barrels, Straights, Poles and Stakes – the four speed events for 4H and the most common events found at most play-days.

Offered Tuesday’s at 7:00pm. Introduction to basic horsemanship including walk, trot, and lope. Basic horsemanship patterns, working with trail obstacles are covered.

Riding School Pricing

30 min private lesson $40
6o min private lesson $60
60 min group lesson $40


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